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Wednesday Nov 13 2019
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Kylie Jenner's stalker arrested, faces jail time for one year

Web Desk
Kylie Jenner's stalker arrested, faces jail time for one year. Photo: Seventeen/Allure

Fashion icon Kylie Jenner's stalker was taken into custody after he confessed of stalking the model and 'hopping' into her house in Los Angeles. 

For those unaware, the man in question is Brandon Sebastian Sevilla Martinez who was arrested for stalking the fashionista.

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As per police reports, the man was said to have trekked to the reality star's private Calabasas estate and began to bang on her door, demanding to meet the 22-year-old who had not been home at the time of the incident.

It was revealed further that Kylie’s security team took matters into their own hands and reported the trespassing misdemeanor for which the convict was also charged for carrying and bringing contraband into jail when a glass pipe was found his person.

The man initially pleaded not guilty for the charges, but upon his second hearing, he confessed and has subsequently been ordered to spend one year at the Los Angeles County Jail, according to TMZ’s report.

The man was further handed a three year probationary period for his antics and was sternly ordered to steer clear of Kylie’s Hidden Hills neighborhood.

Kylie already demanded a temporary restraining order against the man while her lawyer will go to court next month to make sure the order becomes permanent.