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Sunday Nov 17 2019
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Mahira Khan says she prefers to keep her makeup minimal

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Mahira Khan, the leading lady in Pakistan's entertainment business came forth at the Faiz Aman Mela earlier this week and spoke about her number of things about herself that were not known to her fans before.

Addressing the audience, the Raees actor spoke in great detail not just about her life on the professional fronts with the kind of work she prefers but also shed light on her personal sphere and preferences that remained away from the public eye.

Speaking to the crowd about her son Azlan, the actor said: “I am trying my best to give time to my son Azlan who is currently in the fifth grade.”

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She further talked about her personal preferences in terms of style saying she does not prefer to put on a lot of makeup.

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“I discovered the reality about myself three years ago about who I really am, and the need for me to stay away from all drama,” she said further.

“I like to keep my sorrows to myself and conceal them from the world,” she added.

The Verna star who never fails to wow the audience spoke about her career saying that actors need to have a strong grip over the technical details. She added further that a director brings life to the work of any actor.

Regarding her latest feat with the United Nations Human Rights Commission, the actor said she feels deeply grateful for getting a chance to work with them.