Friday Feb 07 2020
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Amber Heard to be removed from 'Aquaman' post domestic violence feud with Johnny Depp?

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Amber Heard to be booted from 'Aquaman' post domestic violence evidence?. Photo: byrdie

Amber Heard seems to have had the tables turn over her head as new evidence of physical abuse came to light regarding her ex-husband Johhny Depp. With this new finding, Amber’s career might be going towards a standstill, at least with the Warner Bros company.

After an audio recording came to light, from the couple’s therapy session that records Amber's confession to physical abuse, the internet is up in arms in defense of Johnny Depp, demanding #JusticeforJohnnyDepp.

A recent report has been circulating on social media which claims that the Warner Bros is considering a replacement for Amber Heard and might dismiss her as a character in the Aquaman franchise.

Amber is well known for her role as 'Mera' in Aquaman, and with a comeback right around the corner, for the film, it seems as though, she might not get to take part.

The report clarifies that the replacement has not yet been confirmed. However, "several execs at the studio want to recast the role of Mera."

The biggest reason for this is because the press surrounding the ex-couple’s personal life has lead "to the bad press surrounding the actress and the huge number of fans who are now turning against her."