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Wednesday Feb 12 2020
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Justin Bieber loves his moustache more than Hailey Baldwin?

Web Desk

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin's love is blooming all the time as both the celebrities keep sharing their life events on social media to make fans aware of their romance and understanding they enjoy as a married couple.

But, there is another thing which seems to be more important for Justin as the singer is not ready to get rid off it even after a portion of his fans and, somehow, wife Hailey dislike it.

Yeas, Justin, so far, is not ready to let go of his moustache no matter how much flak it attracts on social media and he made it clear in his latest post. But he might have to consider Hailey’s displeasure, as it is learnt that Hailey is not impressed of his husband’s scruffy upper lip facial hair.

He recently collaborated with Instagram star Dude With Sign for a hilarious post promoting his new album which will release on February 14. Phillips, who already has about 5 million followers on the Instagram account, has shared a post features Bieber.

In the post, the 25-year-old singer made it clear that the moustache is here to stay no matter what people say. The first picture features Seth with a cardboard sign that read, “Justin shave your mustache” and Justin can be seen next to him with a sign that simply reads “No”. 

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