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Sunday Mar 15 2020
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Kumail Nanjiani thinks playing his film 'Stuber' will keep people away from theaters

Web Desk

Hollywood star Kumail Nanjiani poked fun at himself after a fan tried to dis his film Stuber.

The 42-year-old The Big Sick actor had turned to Twitter to urge his fans and followers to practise social distancing amidst the coronavirus fear.

“I know this is a weird time, & difficult for many ppl who have jobs in the service industry, but consider not packing bars/restaurants right now,” he tweeted.

“This, right now, is what you can do to stem the spread. Hospitals will get overwhelmed in mere weeks. We can #flattenthecurve,” he added.

One fan responded to his message of caution by suggesting a rather slighting comment about how theaters should start putting up his film Stuber to keep the crowd away.

“In order to keep people away from gathering at movie theaters, every cinema has announced they’ll be showing nothing but ‘Stuber,’” the netizen said.

Responding to the tweet, Kumail said: “Well, it worked the first time.”