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Thursday Mar 26 2020
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Maya Ali urges the nation to unite in the battle against coronavirus

Web Desk
Maya Ali says “Let’s become one nation to fight coronavirus”

Maya Ali has urged the fellow Pakistanis to become one nation to fight the coronavirus during these times of crises.

The actress is distributing ration bags among the needy and underprivileged amid the coronavirus crisis.

Sharing photos on the Instagram, the Parey Hut Love actress wrote, “This is the first batch of ration bags which has just arrived. It’s the right time when we should play our own part and shouldn’t wait for others to come and save people.”

She went on to say, “It is a very crucial time and we should become one as a nation and stick together. Alhamdulillah I am glad that ALLAH has given me this opportunity to help those in need at a time like this.”

The actress also thanked each and every single individual who donated and played their part even from outside Pakistan.

“We have no idea how long this will go on, but we have to stand together for those in need and are less fortunate. Insha ALLAH this all will end soon but until then we have to continue doing this,” she further said.

Maya also urged people to donate in this noble cause, saying, “Let’s become one nation to fight corona and win against it”.