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Thursday Mar 26 2020
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Gordon Ramsay leaves staff in tears after axing 500 employees amid corona outbreak

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Gordon Ramsay had called a meeting with his employees where he left them in tears 

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has been facing the wrath ever since he axed 500 of his staff members while the world comes to a standstill amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

The 53-year-old culinary expert had called a meeting with his employees where he left them in tears after announcing their contracts will be getting terminated.

This was followed by them receiving an email from Ramsay who explained that the staff will be paid up until April 17, while also giving them a choice to appeal the decision.

Ramsay, with a net worth of £140million, also did not provide any surety to the axed members that there would be a chance of them regaining their jobs after restrictions lift.

His decision was blasted by chef Anca Torpuc who told MailOnline: “All of us have worked so hard for Gordon Ramsay and he has just got rid of us when we needed his support the most.”

“Many of the staff were left in tears at the way he has treated us. There was no warning. We were summoned to a meeting and told our contracts were being terminated. It was so brutal,” she added.

“Staff from each of the restaurants were summoned to the Heddon Street restaurant where they were given the news. It was so awful and so many were in tears,” it was revealed further.

She also lambasted Ramsay on her social media as she posted: “Such a shame to see how the company that you worked for and gave everything you had for 2 years throw you away like you are nothing but a little piece of [expletive] specially in difficult times like this even though they have absolutely nothing to lose by keeping you.”

“And I’m not taking about one person here, over 500 people lost their jobs yesterday so all I can say is thank you @gordongram @gordonramsayrestaurants I hope you sleep well at night knowing that so many people doesn’t have a job in this difficult time because of you.”

The MasterChef USA judge has yet to address the matter publicly.

He did, however, announce the closure of his restaurants on his Instagram, as he said: “To all our Gordon Ramsay family, friends and colleagues. In this time of great uncertainty, we hope that you all are looking out for each other and staying as safe as possible.”

“As the situation changes daily our focus has to be on the health and safety of our employees, guests and community and to do our part in slowing the spread of the virus, from Saturday 21 March 2020, all our restaurants will temporarily close,” he added.

“Whilst we don’t know when we will re-open, what we do know is by supporting each other through this terribly challenging time, we will come through this stronger than ever! Huge love and thanks to our amazing staff across the restaurants for all their passion and support.”