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Thursday Mar 26 2020
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Cole Sprouse feels happy he didn’t miss the high school experience

Web Desk
Cole Sprouse feels happy he didn’t miss the high school experience. Photo: Baltana

Cole Sprouse recently spoke at length about his experience within Hollywood, the early onset of his career and its impact on his day-to-day life as a child.

According to a report by IANS, Cole is of the opinion that even with an early start, he is glad that he didn’t have to give up the American school experience.

Cole was quoted saying, "I was working as a kid, but a lot of my friends went to public high school, so I would inject myself into situations like that. In that sense, it's not like I missed so much of it.”

During the course of the conversation, Cole touched on Riverdale and how it perfectly embodies great high-school stories.

Speaking through the lens of Jughead, Cole revealed, “In terms of Riverdale, I think this year of high school stories will be great. I don't know how much you'll see us doing homework, but I think we're certainly going to be playing around with that return to the season one form of a grounded high school experience.”

Before signing off, Cole spoke about season four and the many changes it carries for the characters. "It's been described as a very Gossip Girl style preppy school with Upper East Side kids – and then Jughead. He becomes part of this Dead Poet's Society that they have going on over there and Jughead's integration into it is based on this story of the Gargoyle King that he had submitted to this writing contest." 

"A teacher was fascinated with his voice and took him into prep school on a scholarship, so I think it's going to be really fun to play around with that this year. Jughead's going to be among all these incredibly pretentious, incredibly tall and beautiful people at the prep school."