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Tuesday May 19 2020
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Katy Perry admits she has been 'testing' fiancé Orlando Bloom during pregnancy

Web Desk

Katy Perry through the course of her pregnancy has been keeping fans in the loop

Katy Perry and actor Orlando Bloom are at present expecting their first child together after getting engaged last year.

The Daisies singer has been keeping fans in the loop, painting an authentic picture of experiences during her pregnancy days.

Opening up about the not-so-pretty side of pregnancy, Perry revealed that she has definitely been testing her fiancé Orlando Bloom.

"What I have actually learned, some of the positive… because he's seen it all, and God bless him, he's still here,” she said.

"It's amazing and commendable. I have definitely tested him, like…'oh yeah, you think you can handle me?'” she added.

She further detailed how the Lord of the Rings actor has been keeping himself busy in quarantine: “We have a LEGO room in our house. It was a TV room. He gets these Legos that are super hard to do… and he'll make those in two days and then he displays them on the wall, like a championship Lego wall."

Last year in February, a source had opened up to People about Perry wanting to shift her focus from her career to her personal life with Bloom.

"Katy is slowing down her career this year. [She and Bloom] want to get married and start a family sooner rather than later. They both want kids together and will prioritize this."