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Monday Jun 29 2020
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Lizzo breaks the internet with awe-inspiring BET acceptance speech

Web Desk
Lizzo breaks the internet with awe inspiring award acceptance 2020 BET speech

At the virtual 2020 BET Awards, Lizzo rocked the stage with not only a jaw-dropping performance but also her inspiring acceptance speech for the Best Female R&B/Pop Artist award.

According to E Online, she was quoted saying, "Thank you so much BET and thank you to all the wonderfully talented, beautiful Black women that I share this category with.

"Beyoncé, thank you for everything that you've done for Black culture. I have to say that three years ago, I sat in the audience at the BET Awards and I didn't win anything. But I still went home and felt like a winner."

Reminiscing upon the 2019 awards function, Lizzo performed Good As Hell and Truth Hurts but went home empty-handed even after being nominated for the same award.

However, much to the shock of her fans, Lizzo believes, "I didn't win anything and still felt like a winner” and “this year, I have the honor of winning this prestigious award, but I will always feel like a winner because as long as you're winning in life, that's the only trophy you need."