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Friday Jul 03 2020
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Captain Marvel actress Brie Larson auditioned for 'The Hunger Games', 'Terminator' and 'Star Wars' movies

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Captain Marvel actress Brie Larson has revealed that she had auditioned for a role in The Hunger Games, The Terminator movies and the Star Wars franchise before joining Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

The Oscar-winning actress, who plays 'Carol Danvers' aka Captain Marvel, opened up about her unsuccessful efforts during the first video on her YouTube channel which she launched recently.

She said she auditioned for a Star Wars installment and then went on to recount some of her other failed auditions for major movies.

“I auditioned for Hunger Games, I auditioned for the Terminator reboot,” Larson said.

She added, “I actually was thinking about the Terminator reboot today because I got a flat tire and I was like: ‘Oh the last time I got a flat tire was when I was driving into my audition for Terminator’.

“Got a flat tire at the audition, and then didn’t get the job," the actress said.

Brie Larson won the Oscar for Best Actress for her work as a kidnapped woman in Room in 2016.