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Tuesday Aug 11 2020
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How Melissa Etheridge became a savior for Brad Pitt after he landed in LA with no money

Web Desk
Melissa Etheridge had helped Brad Pitt who had only $325 to his name, back in the day

Brad Pitt is one of the leading names of Hollywood currently and all that roaring success he has had since a while came after humble beginnings that were filled with struggle.

The Fight Club actor, 56, had arrived in Los Angeles with heart filled with dreams but no money to keep them alive before he made it big in acting.

However, there was one singer-songwriter who extended a helping hand to the actor for which he was eternally grateful: Melissa Etheridge.

The Grammy Award-winner had helped the then-aspiring actor who had only $325 to his name, by letting him sleep on her couch.

That wasn’t all. Etheridge also helped Pitt later in 1992 by helping him audition for the role of Robert Redford’s film A River Runs Through It.

During a radio show that she hosts, Etheridge had told her listeners in 2011: "I taught Brad Pitt how to fly fish….he had this audition, that's back when they auditioned Brad Pitt.”

“He had an audition for A River Runs Through It. For the audition he came to my house because I had a swimming pool, and I taught him how to fly fish on the swimming pool,” she added.