Prince Harry says 'loving' life in US, wants son Archie to play rugby

Prince Harry has revealed he is 'loving' his 'fantastic' new life in the US

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Prince Harry has said he is 'loving' his 'fantastic' new life in the US, adding that he wants to teach his 15-month-old son Archie how to play rugby. 

During the Duke of Sussex's special video chat in honor of the Rugby Football League's 125th birthday, Harry spoke about his love for the game.

In a clip released on Sunday, Harry was asked by Hanley -a former England rugby league player and coach - if he is enjoying life in the US, to which he said: "Oh easy question. I am loving it. It's fantastic."

Harry then joked that it's impossible to get hold of any rugby balls in the states and added he wants to find "mini rugby balls" so he "can get Archie involved in the game".

The Duke of Sussex recently moved from Los Angeles’ Hidden Hills to a mansion in Santa Barbara, California and has been conducting Zoom calls from the house to mark the Rugby League's 125th anniversary all weekend.

On Saturday, Harry vowed to be home for the Rugby World Cup League in the UK next year and revealed more about his LA life to Ellery Hanley MBE on Sunday.