Tuesday, September 01, 2020
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Princess Diana wanted to touch new heights of fame by working in Hollywood

Princess Diana had accepted 30 pages of a script written especially for her

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Much like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Princess Diana had high hopes of catapulting to the heights of fame after leaving her royal life behind.

The Princess of Wales wanted to rule the silver screen and make her mark in the showbiz world.

Royal expert Howard Hodgson shared in his 2007 biography Charles — the man who will be King, "She was hopeful that Tony Blair would find an ambassadorial role for her that would surely keep her face on the front pages for years to come.

“And if he didn’t, she had other ideas of self-publicity that could act as plan B.”

Hodgson added, “She had been in negotiation for nearly a year with American screen actor Kevin Costner who wanted her to play herself in a sequel to The Bodyguard.

“She had accepted 30 pages of script written especially for her, and had even dined with the studio bosses at Warner Brothers.”

Hodgson further revealed that although some believe Costner had “exaggerated” Diana's part for publicity, the information was confirmed by her close friends.

"...Given her addiction to celebrity, she must have been seriously tempted to take the film role," the biography added.