Friday Sep 11 2020
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Princess Diana divorce: Duchess took a whopping £31 million from Prince Charles

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Princess Diana divorce: Duchess took a whopping £31 million from Prince Charles

Princess Diana's marital life with Prince Charles was marred by a number of controversies, his extra-marital affair with Camilla Parker Bowles being the major one. 

Owing to these issues, the royal couple decided to call it quits, devastating a number of fans, more specifically Charles himself, because of the hefty price that it made him pay.

According to a royal biographer, the royal divorce ended in Diana earning a whopping £17million, which amounts to approximately £31million today!

In addition, she also received £400,000 – around £730,000 today – as an annual allowance.

As revealed by Tina Brown, in her 2007 book The Diana Chronicles, “The Prince was first stunned, then outraged, when, in April [he was] presented with Diana’s final £17million term.”

"The Princess held a high card: while Prince Charles was now desperate to be rid of her, she could wait.

"In May, Diana went to the Queen and told her that unless her terms were met she would withdraw her consent to divorce.

“Without it, Charles would have to wait another two years until the obligatory five have had been reached for a non-consenting divorce.

“If she ran out of money, she would sell her jewels in order to live and that would be a great embarrassment," Brown added.

In retaliation, Charles contacted the law firm handling Diana's divorce case to try and negotiate the amount.

However, Brown said, “On July 13, the divorce deal was sealed on the terms Diana asked. It was a sweet clear victory.

“She may have lost her title but she had won financial independence of the first time in her life.”

Charles initially had to seek financial help from the Queen to help pay of the divorce sum.

"The Prince hated being obliged to borrow from his mother to meet Diana’s terms.”

As reported by The Telegraph in 2004, “It is understood the Queen lent her son several million pounds for the divorce settlement and that he is still repaying her.”

After the divorce was finalised, Diana lost her royal HRH title and had to give up jewels owned by the monarchy, including her famous Spencer tiara.

Moroever, "The couple signed a confidentiality agreement, prohibiting them from discussing the terms of the divorce or any details of their lives together," revealed biographer Sarah Bradford.