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Tuesday Sep 15 2020
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Kate Middleton, Queen under fire as Meghan Markle fans attack Hold Still project

Web Desk

Kate Middleton’s photography project giving a glimpse of life in UK under a lockdown, has been receiving immense praise.

However, there are a number of Meghan Markle’s supporters who have been criticizing the Duchess of Cambridge’s Hold Still project after the results were put up through an exhibit showing the 100 carefully selected photographs by the duchess out of 31,000 entries.

Fans of the former Suits actor pointed their guns at Kate claiming she has zero impact and is largely dependent on Queen Elizabeth II to lend support to her work.

“Karen Middleton has so 0 impacts that the Queen is forced to support her work to be valued,” said one user.

Another also attacked the monarch for never extending the same support to Meghan when she was a member of the British royal family: “Good for her to support Catherine. Shame she didn’t support Meghan.”

“Fact: It wasn’t initiated by the Duchess. Wasn’t her brainchild but it WAS the idea of the museum of which she is patron,” added a third.

The Hold Still project was launched by Kate earlier this year in May with the National Portrait Gallery.