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Tuesday Sep 15 2020
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Mahira Khan is grateful every second of her life for son Azlan

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Mahira Khan is ‘grateful every second of my life’ for son Azlan

Pakistani actress Mahira Khan transformed September 15th into a rather emotional rollercoaster with her candid post about son Azlan

The actress wore her heart on her sleeve when she posted her heartfelt note and described her joy and gratefulness over having Azlan, “every second of my life.”

Taking to Instagram Mahira touched upon her experience raising her little boy for over 11 years, and also gushed over all the magic he brought to her life.

Her post read, "My one and only, my only one. 11 years ago, you gave birth to your Mama, your Mimi.” She went on to show her gratitude for having him in her life, "Grateful every second of my life that I was chosen to be your mother.”

The single mother also claimed, “I pray for you and all the children of this world - to be happy, healthy, brave and kind. Ameen. For you Azlan, a million times over.”

Complementing the post was a black and white candid shot of the pair frolicking around their garden with a transparent umbrella.

Mahira has always been a doting mother, right from the get go and has never shyed away from publically showcasing her little ball of sunshine whenever possible.

Her past posts on her birthday back in December showcase just how close the mother-son duo really is. The post in question read, "Exactly 10 years ago my life changed. I was a 24-year old girl with a baby in my arms celebrating my 25th birthday. These ten years feel like a thousand... with experiences worth a lifetime."

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