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Wednesday Sep 16 2020
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'Model Emily Ratajkowski was sexually assaulted by photographer Jonathan Leder'

Web Desk

Model Emily Ratajkowski said she was sexually assaulted by  photographer Jonathan Leder in 2012.

In an essay for New York Times, the 29-years-old said the incident took place after a photo shoot in 2012, in an essay she wrote for New York.

She recounted the details of the incident saying she went to Leder's home in the Catskills for an "unpaid editorial" shoot.

She wrote she posed both in lingerie and without clothes, under instructions from her former agent.

Ratajkowski, who said she was "very, very drunk" after drinking wine with Leder, when the photographer assaulted her.

She said she spent the night in one of the bedrooms they used for the photo shoot.

"I was both confused as to why Jonathan had left without a word and terrified that he would come back," she wrote.

The allegations levelled by the model have been rejected by the photographer when contacted by a New York Magazine fact-checker.

He denied the accusation, saying  her claims were "too tawdry and childish to respond to."