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Tuesday Sep 29 2020
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Angelina Jolie was smitten by Johnny Depp as his film spoke to the ‘angst-ridden’ actor

Web Desk

Hollywood stars Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp are two of the biggest stars in the industry and are also pretty huge fans of one another.

While many may have only imaged Jolie with her ex-husband, Brad Pitt, the Maleficent actor also once had her heart set on the Pirates of the Caribbean actor.

Being the intriguing person that she is, the Salt actor has diverse interests including her love for knives and death, which led to her growing fondness for Depp after his film Edward Scissorhands came out.

The actor has reportedly been collecting knives since a young age and had even aspired to become a funeral director.

Her unauthorized biography sheds light on her love for Depp’s film and how she was ‘smitten’ by him.

“At the same time, Angie dressed like a punk and identified with outsiders like the hero of Edward Scissorhands, the cult movie released in December 1990 that was a must-see for every goth worth her black mascara,” the book claimed.

“Angie was smitten with actor Johnny Depp, who played Edward, an isolated figure with scissors for hands. The movie’s themes of alienation and self-discovery spoke to the angst-ridden Angie,” it further added.

The two had later shared screens together in the film The Tourist and while promoting their joint project, Jolie had heaped praises on Depp.

“Of course I always wanted to work with Johnny Depp! What actress hasn’t? I’ve thought he was the coolest thing for years. I practically grew up with him, and had such a crush on him in Edward Scissorhands!” she said.

Depp too was quite blown away with Jolie’s personality as he called her a “walking poem.”

“She’s kind of a walking poem, Angelina…You know she is this perfect beauty. But at the same time, very deep, very smart, very quick, very clever, and very funny. She also has a very perverse sense of humor. Yeah, she’s great fun,” he said.