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Wednesday Oct 07 2020
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Prince William and Meghan Markle's clashes: ‘Windsors don’t do woke’

Web Desk

Meghan Markle’s addition into the British royal family had undoubtedly raised eyebrows amongst quite a number of people.

However, Prince William remained the one person who was the most hesitant to accept the former actor as part of the royal household.

A new book written by Robert Lacey, titled Battle of Brothers, is exploring deeply the rapport that William shared with his sister-in-law.

As per an excerpt published by the Daily Mail, the Duke of Cambridge was uneasy about Prince Harry and Meghan’s ‘trendy’ vision of being ‘woke’—something that is under all costs avoided by the royals as part of their apolitical stance on all worldly affairs.

“William did not see his future role as monarch – nor his current role as heir – as a matter of him working to maintain the nation’s feelings in harmony while his activist brother and his wife jumped up and down beside him cultivating political and cultural divisions in pursuit of their trendy vision of doing good,” wrote Lacey.

“Windsors do not do ‘woke,’” he added.

The entire matter heated up after the Duchess of Sussex guest-edited an issue of the British Vogue in 2019 while she was still a royal. The issue’s content celebrated women as the ‘Forces of Change.’

However, William was irked by the move as Lacey claims he fretted over Meghan undermining the family’s repute for maintaining political neutrality.