Thursday Oct 15 2020
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Prince William was afraid of marrying Kate Middleton over concerns about monarchy

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Prince William and Kate Middleton without a doubt make a perfect match as the two remain by each other's side through thick and thin as they serve the public through their royal duties.

And while it is almost unimaginable to think that the two once called off their relationship, a new book details how the Duke of Cambridge had once considered his now-wife as someone who could damage the monarchy.

Robert Lacey wrote about their bumpy relationship in his book, Battle of Brothers, claiming: “‘Waity William’, of course, took so long to commit to Kate for the sake of the monarchy. He had been auditioning her for a job all those years.”

He went on to say that this was the same reason he had reservations about Meghan Markle as well when Prince Harry had intended to marry her.

According to Lacey, William cited his own reasons for waiting to marry Kate when advising his brother on marriage.

“For William, it was the future state of his monarchy – his sacred trust. While for Harry, it was the love of the complex and captivating woman who had finally made sense of his life,” explained Lacey.

“William worried that his brother was moving too fast in his courtship. And he did not shrink from saying as much when Harry started talking about getting hitched to Meghan quite soon,” he added.

William had expressed his concerns to Harry who thought that he was choosing the monarchy over his happiness.