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Friday Oct 16 2020
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Prince William, Harry’s rift began after they ‘betrayed’ the Queen with Megxit

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The divide between Prince William and Prince Harry is an account that has garnered attention from all over the globe, however, a new finding has unearthed the true bedrock of this rift, and it lies with Queen Elizabeth.

The finding comes in via the explosive new book Battle of Brothers, and it claims that the Queen was left feeling “betrayed” after Prince Harry announced his Megxit plans, all of which was behind her back.

Prince William and Harry’s relationship also suffered irrecoverable damage as a result, and the heir to the throne ended up “utterly broken.” All in light of the complete ‘disrespect’ Prince Harry showed towards their grandmother, the Queen.

The rift became so stretched out at one point though that the brothers dialed back their daily conversations to a measly yearly birthday call.

While this action already cut through the relationship of both brothers, it had an extensive impact on the royal household as well, so much so that the entire manner was shaken, right down to its foundations.

While the royal family was quietly reeling from this news behind closed doors, royal experts had a lot of faith in the monarchy and believed it will all come together.

During Robert Lacey’s most recent interview with The Sun, he was quoted saying, “Some say, ‘Oh, it doesn’t matter. It will blow over’.

After all, “If this breach between the brothers is not healed in some way it will come to stand with the 1936 Abdication crisis and the 1997 death of Diana as one of the traumas that changed the monarchy.”

Why this decision effected the Queen most of all was not only because she has favored Prince Harry all throughout his life, it was also a matter of respect and tradition.

“Harry hadn’t even had a meeting with the Queen to talk through their plans before announcing it to the world The monarchy is an institution based on hierarchy and respect, something drummed into those boys growing up.”

“What Harry did drove a horse and cart through royal protocol - putting their plans on Instagram and their website first. There was a moment in January when it could have been sorted out amicably.”

"But this was a betrayal of his grandmother that William has struggled to understand, and their relationship remains strained. William loves his brother deeply. This is why it is so hurtful to him.”