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Sunday Oct 18 2020
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Prince Harry ‘exploded’ at William over his objection on Meghan Markle’s Vogue issue

Web Desk

Prince William's relations with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry took a sour turn quite early on, even before the two parted ways with the British royal family.

It was Meghan’s stint with British Vogue in 2019 that left a dent on William’s ties with the Sussex pair as she teamed up with the publication but decided to do things a bit differently than what Princess Diana and Kate Middleton had done.

Instead of posing for the camera in pricey and glamorous clothes, the Duchess of Sussex decided to guest edit their biggest edition of the year.

Terming the issue ‘Forces of Change’ which featured inspiring stories of women, Meghan became a hit world-over. However, things behind closed doors of the palace were quite poles apart.

According to Robert Lacey’s new book, Battle of Brothers, William and Harry had a major “showdown” owing to the Vogue issue as the Duke of Cambridge objected over some of the issues included in the magazine.

"William had been worried for some time that Harry was growing away from him, and this was confirmed when he tried to discuss the issues raised in 'Forces for CHANGE', with his brother,” wrote Lacey.

"There was another classic Harry explosion, followed by a further, even deeper rift. As with the brothers' arguments of 2016/17 over William's attempts to make Harry 'go slow', the details of the showdown over Meghan's 'Forces for CHANGE' are not known,” he went on to say.

He further claimed that after that incident, the Sussexes opted out of the Balmoral holiday where the Cambridges and the rest of royal family was present.