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Tuesday Oct 20 2020
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Demi Lovato, Justin Bieber, Mark Ruffalo and more to take part in ‘Vote with Us’ rally

Web Desk

Many celebrities have been using their platforms to raise voter awareness as the US presidential election are now just around the corner.

Singers Demi Lovato and Justin Bieber have also joined the list to encourage Americans to exercise their democratic right by taking part in the virtual Vote With Us rally.

The virtual rally will underscore voter participation amongst the youth as it will also include a three-hour event on Vote Early Day on October 24.

Stars like Common, Mark Ruffalo and the Us Kids documentary cast, including activist Emma González, will also be part of the event.

González released a press statement earlier where she said: “To vote is to harness your power, and we have to use the power that’s given to us. Don’t just vote for yourself, vote for every person; for every person whose basic rights are at risk, for every person who can’t vote because they are undocumented or incarcerated, for every person who is affected by the system and for every person who fought with everything they had just to give us the right to vote. Vote because you can. Vote because we haven’t always been able to.”

The event will go live on October 24, 8pm [GMT] and will be available to watch on YouTube.