Friday Oct 23 2020
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Prince Charles neglected Prince Harry, William due to his affair with Camilla?

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Prince Charles was accused of ignoring his responsibilities as a father after he started an affair with Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwell following Diana's death in a road accident in 1997.

Appearing on podcast Royally Obsessed, royal historian and author of Battle of Brothers, Robert Lacey said: "If the book is about a battle, why are you showing them so friendly? Well, it's because that what makes the battle so poignant".

Speaking about Prince Harry and Prince William, "They grew up so close together, they were thrown together by the sad death of their mother".

He said, "There was a lack of parenting, frankly, on the part of Charles as he kept on pursuing Camilla. As we look at the early years of this century and then into this decade, they grew more and more together, it seemed, when William married Kate.

"That didn't break them up, Harry was happy to fall in as number three." 

The wedding of Prince William, second-in-line to the British throne, and Kate Middleton took place in 2011 at Westminster Abbey in London. 

Prince Harry married former American actress Meghan Markle in a ceremony held on 19 May 2018.