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Sunday Oct 25 2020
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Top generals bash Prince Harry for leaving royal marines hanging: ‘'It’s wrong. You can’t’

Web Desk

A top general who served valiantly in the 1982 Falklands war recently called out Prince Harry and his disgraceful snub towards the royal marines.

The conversation was started by war hero Major General Julian Thompson, the man who led over three commando brigades across during the 1982 Falklands war. 

He addressed Prince Harry in his latest conversation with the Daily Mail and was even quoted saying, “I’m not trying to give him a lecture, but he has to take the job seriously and not just say, ‘Well, I’m still the Captain General and I’m going to live in Los Angeles and never visit the UK’.”

The armed forces figurehead also went on to say, “It’s wrong. You can’t do that. He is expected to attend events and be around and be as accessible as his grandfather was.”

Prince Harry’s grandfather, served nearly two complete tours of Afghanistan alongside the royal marines and only abdicated from his position in 2017, after serving for nearly 64 years.

If a mere personal call-out was not already bad enough for the royal spare, another snub has been added to Prince Harry’s portfolio and it is regarding the fact that he never formally replied to Lord Dannatt’s letter, the one where he urged the prince to return to his post, since the marines "need him and miss him."

In his letter the former Chief of the General Staff claimed at the time, "Harry and Meghan are very much involved in other things and that's their life choice and I don't criticise them for that. But it means that he is not as available, not supporting in such a high-profile f­ashion, the work of charities and the needs of veterans."

"I don't criticise him for that, he makes his own choices, but we miss him and I hope that in a change of circumstances, that I can't envisage, he returns to take up more traditional royal duties in this country."