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Thursday Oct 29 2020
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Kylie Jenner admits being obsessed with having second child: 'I want more so bad'

Web Desk
Kylie Jenner recently sparked reunion buzz with off-again, on-again boyfriend Travis Scott

Kylie Jenner cannot stop thinking about giving daughter Stormi a sibling, something which she thinks about everyday. 

The makeup mogul revealed 'baby number two' is on her mind all the time.

The revelation came during Kylie's recent chat with beauty YouTuber James Charles.

“I want more so bad. I actually think about it every day,” she said.

“I just still don’t know when. I’m not planning … I don’t have a time for that to happen,” Kylie continued in a YouTube video posted to James’ channel on Tuesday. “You can’t, like, not want more.”

Kylie recently sparked reunion buzz with off-again, on-again boyfriend Travis Scott.

The almost-billionnaire did however admit parenting is not easy.

“Being a parent is stressful,” she said.

“To do the right things at all times … I read books, I follow all these Instagram [accounts],” Kylie added. “I’m just trying to learn the best way to raise your kids.”

Talking about her daughter Stormi, she revealed, “She’s the best baby of all time. She’s so smart beyond her years. She’s two and a half, a little over two and a half now. Like, I’m getting to [the point where] I’m excited for her to grow up but I’m really sad at the same time.”

A source revealed about Kylie and Travis's equation, “Kylie and Travis are in the process of getting back together.

“They’re just being careful because they have to think about Stormi. They don’t want to get back together and then break up. So instead, they’re taking it slow and trying to work out their differences," they added.