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Saturday Nov 21 2020
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Prince William 'wept' over Diana's Panorama interview, writes Robert Lacey

Web Desk

The controversial BBC interview of Princess Diana that wreaked havoc nearly 25 years ago, is back in the headlines.

Reports have now emerged about how the late Princess of Wales’ son Prince William reacted after watching the explosive Panorama interview.

Royal historian and author wrote in his book Battle of Brothers that the Duke of Cambridge ‘wept’ after he watched his mother spill some of her best-kept secrets of her royal life in front of the world.

"Before the 58 minutes ended, William was weeping,” he wrote.

Lacey further claimed that Dr. Andrew Gailey, Eton’s housemaster, found the 11-year-old in tears over the explosive broadcast.

"Gailey told Diana that he found her son slumped on the sofa, his eyes red with tears,” he wrote.