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Thursday Nov 26 2020
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Prince Charles only realized he loved Princess Diana after her death: report

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Prince Charles reportedly realized his actual feelings for Princess Diana only after she had passed according to healer Simmone Simmons. 

While Prince Charles and Diana’s love story is somewhat hazy, Princess Diana’s friend and healer Simone Simmons claims the duo shared a connection.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, she admitted, “Charles only realised he loved her after she died. I don’t think he realised how much he loved Diana until she was gone. She was the first person who showed him real love.”

She went as far as to say that the duo could have potentially found themselves back together if fate had not intervened. Her claim rests on the fact that the pair shared a similar sense of humor, an interest in “complementary medicine," as well as organic food and farming.

Ms. Simmone also claimed that at one point Prince Charles would concoct varying excuses just to go visit Diana in Kensington Palace.

“After the divorce Charles got a very good friend in Diana because she understood him. Nobody is happy if their other half has affairs, but she loved Charles with all her heart.”

“If they had left it ten years and then got married, I believe they would still be together today. They would have had their differences, but I think they may have got back together. I had a weird feeling they would have ended up married again.”