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Friday Nov 27 2020
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Prince Harry convinced Meghan Markle to write about miscarriage: royal correspondent

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Meghan Markle is being praised for opening up about her miscarriage in her New York Times essay.

The former actress described the miscarriage, which happened in July this year, as "an almost unbearable grief".

According to a latest report, Prince Harry convinced the Duchess of Sussex to open up about her experience.

UK's Daily Express wrote that the Duke urged her wife  to write candidly about her tragic miscarriage.

 Commenting on the essay, Royal Correspondent Katie Nicholl said Prince Harry was the one who persuaded Meghan to open up about the tragedy.

Speaking to the Royal Beat, the journalist said, "Harry was involved. He didn't write it - these are her words, obviously.

She added, "But he said to Meghan ‘I think you should write about this miscarriage because if we can help another family going through this then it is a reason to do it’.