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Tuesday Dec 01 2020
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Kate Middleton leaves Meghan Markle behind in a new contest weighing popularity

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Kate Middleton is without a doubt one of the most loved royals in history with public's admiration for her even surpassing that of Meghan Markle.

And it looks like the Duchess of Cambridge has routed everyone in the popularity contest once again as her engagement ring has become the most liked one, compared with Meghan’s which landed on the second spot.

According to a study done by the Natural Diamond Council, nearly 20 percent of the vote went to Kate while 18 percent voted for Meghan.

Kate’s iconic 12-carat oval sapphire ring surrounded by 14 diamonds original belonged to Princess Diana and was inherited by Prince Harry after her death.

However, the younger brother had selflessly given away his last memory of his mother to William when he was about to propose to Kate.

Meanwhile, Meghan’s ring was designed by Prince Harry himself with its center diamond being chosen from Botswana.