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Tuesday Dec 01 2020
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Buckingham Palace lambasted on bland response to Meghan Markle's miscarriage

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Buckingham Palace is being lambasted over its bland response to Meghan Markle’s essay in The New York Times in which she penned her heartbreaking miscarriage of her second child.

Following the outbreak of the news, the world poured in love and support to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

However, the Palace has remained relatively cold about the revelation.

Royal editor at the Daily Mirror, Russell Myers, said that the tragic event was a "huge, huge missed opportunity" for the royal family to close some of the distance with Prince Harry and Meghan.  

Since the couple’s decision to part ways as senior members of the royal family, their relationship with the family, has been reported in the media to be very tense and strained. 

"I think this is a huge, huge missed opportunity for the royal family," he said in an appearance on talkRadio.

"They should have made a public statement to say, this is a really brave and honest thing to do, because just on the very basis that it would have mended some of the cracks in the relationship that we've been talking about for months and months."

He added that the move would have dismissed the notion that "Meghan was out on her own".

The only comment that the Palace actually gave was a halfhearted response saying that the matter was "deeply personal". 

"The palace just said to us, 'This is a deeply personal matter for the couple.'"

On the contrary, an anonymous source known to be a "palace insider" said that there was an emotion of sadness emanating in the family. 

"There is, of course, much understandable sadness in the family," the source said.