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Wednesday Dec 30 2020
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Princess Eugenie's child to have less public appearances as Queen's ninth great-grandchild

Web Desk
Princess Eugenie's child will only be known as Baby Brooksbank

Princess Eugenie's child will have a much more different life than most of the royal babies.

The ninth great-grandchild of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip will have lesser perks than others because of Eugenie's low rank in the royal family.

According to expert Marlene Koenig, Eugenie and Jack's baby will have limited public appearances and a more "private" life.

"We might get a Christening photo that doesn't show grandpa Andrew. They'll probably have a nanny, things like that. Baby Brooksbank is going to have a very quiet normal, private life," Koenig told Express UK.

"Except for the state occasions where they have big services where you'll see people like Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones' children."

She added, "This baby will be a great-grandchild of a sovereign, not even a grandchild of a sovereign which is when you start falling out of the position of being a member of the royal family."

"There's definitely going to be press attention because it's Princess Eugenie and she's having a baby. Another great-grandchild for the Queen but Jack is not getting a peerage so it's only Baby Brooksbank," Koenig ended.