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Friday Feb 05 2021
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Katherine Heigl touches on how she approaches racism with kids

Web Desk

Friends alum Katherine Heigl recently sat down for a candid chat and shed light on her secrets to approaching racism with her children, tactfully.

The star spilled the beans behind it all during her interview with People magazine and admitted how growing up with a Korean sister made it so she never questioned the ‘naivety’ of adopting two non-white children.

She explained, “That has been a very complicated and oftentimes stimming conversation for [husband Josh Kelley] and me. For all the obvious reasons, Josh and I felt like we had lived in a very light bubble our whole life. You don't even know that you are because it's just the world around you."

"I even think when the girls came into our lives, I didn't assume everyone felt like I did, but I assumed the majority did — that the majority didn't see race and color. I didn't know how to have this conversation with my daughters.”

She reached a point where she “didn’t know how” to tell her daughters, “You are a divine child of God. You are valuable. You are important and worthwhile and beautiful and smart, but there will be some people who don't like you simply because of the color of your skin or the shape of your eyes’.”

“I didn't know how to do that without feeling like I was destroying a piece of their soul. So I waited and I prayed. We live in our mountain bubble [at their ranch home in Utah] away from all of the intensity of it, so I was able to wait and pray.”