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Wednesday Feb 24 2021
Web Desk

Jenelle Evans to be bedridden for two next days

Web Desk

Reality television personality Jenelle Evans said she will remain bedridden for the next two days after an "invasive" spinal cord procedure.

Talking to Instagram, the mom-of-three said doctors are ascertaining the reason as to why she's suffering from a "neck popping" issue.

On her Instagram story, Jenelle told her fans, "I know a lot of you are probably wondering, 'Well a CT scan isn't that bad with contrast.You just get it done. You walk out. You're done.' Yeah that's a normal ct scan. What I had done was a CT myelogram. So what they do is basically you get a spinal tap. You get an epidural. And they put the dye into your spinal cord.”

"And then it glows up and then they do x-rays and CT scans like boom, boom, boom, before the dye goes away. And then it shows the inside of your spinal cord. And that is why I got this done was to look more in depth because yes, I have MRI's. Yes, I have CT scans. Basically, I have neck popping issues, and we don't know why.” 

Sharing a picture of herself lying on a hospital bed, the Teen Mom alum said, “Then after this procedure is done, they don't want you getting up. They don't want you doing any strenuous activity for 24 hours. I have to lay here in bed flat. Yeah that so there's no spinal fluid leaking out of the incision site. So yeah this is pretty invasive, and now I'm bedridden for two days.”

Sharing a separate post on the Instagram story, she promised to make a YouTube video on the topic for her fans.

Sharing another snap on the photos and videos-sharing app, she wrote for her husband: "@easondavid88 is the best."

In his Instagram post, her husband David Eason asked her fans to pray for her early recovery.