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Wednesday Mar 03 2021
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Ashley Graham gives shut up call to fans with sly comments

Web Desk

Ashley Graham makes no bones about her body image and does not want anyone to tell her about that. The model stressed she is pretty and she knows it very well.

"Please stop calling me pretty for a big girl," the 33-year-old model said in a TikTok video. The model enjoys a massive following on the video-sharing app as over two million users follow her on the app.

Raising both her joined hands in front of her, she said emphatically, "I’m pretty. Period. Thank you — and I’m not an SAT question, I didn’t ask you." She captioned the post also: "do i make myself clear??"

The video drew a lot of comments by her fans who lavished praise on the body-positive model as she is known for standing up for not only herself but also for plus-sized women.

In 2018 also, Ashley Graham gave the same message on her Instagram feed. She reacted to a fan’s comment who complimented her for having a “real body.” She responded by underscoring the need for them to keep about their own business without calling her a “real woman”.

Taking to her Instagram account, the model with the laid-back attitude compared herself with a James Bond film villain. She captioned the post: "i may not be a bond girl but i can be a bond villain (postpartum baby hairs come through!!!"