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Wednesday Apr 07 2021
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Piers Morgan dishes on Meghan Markle's first impression before ghosting claims

Web Desk

Piers Morgan described Meghan Markle as an 'old mate' on Good Morning Britain in 2017

Piers Morgan let everyone in on his first impression of Meghan Markle before she ghosted him. 

Surprisingly, it was Meghan who slid into Piers's DMS on Twitter, said the British journalist.

The Duchess sent him a message on the social media site when he followed her, saying, "Well hello there - thanks for the follow. Big fan of yours!"

For until 18 months, the two exchanged pleasantries and had "amusing" debates over Meghan's Netflix series Suits.

The two even met for drinks, after which Piers says, Meghan ghosted her, the same day she went on her first date with Prince Harry. 

Describing Meghan as an "old mate" on Good Morning Britain in 2017, Piers revealed, "We had 90 minutes in my local pub over a dirty martini and a pint of hand pumped Harvey's.

"Trust me I'll be milking that 90 minutes if she becomes our princess for the rest of my days."

"She met Prince Harry at the dinner that night, went on a solo date with him the next night, and I never heard from her again. Not a word. I’d been ghosted."

"Next thing I know: silence. Off the radar. I blame Harry. He has stopped me getting those new episodes of Suits," Piers joked.