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Wednesday Apr 07 2021
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Why Princess Diana once broke a glass bottle on Prince Charles’s head

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Prince Charles and Princess Diana's relationship was full of drama from the very start.

Even though the couple shared brief periods of affection and happiness together, the joy didn’t last too long.

Social media has unearthed a photo of the Prince and Princess of Wales that has now been making rounds online where the late royal can be seen breaking a glass bottle over her husband’s head.

While the move may sound violent, the couple and all those surrounding them appear to be having a jovial moment as the future king gets hit with glass.

Sharing details of what went down behind-the-scenes, reports have revealed that the picture was actually a demonstration to the royals by the Living Daylights team on how sugar glass is used for stunts.

Hollywood star Jeroen Krabbé wrote in his book Some Kind of Hero: The Remarkable Story the James Bond Films how he gave Princess Diana the idea of smashing a bottle of fake glass on her husband’s head.

“We watched a show put on by the stunt guys where they smashed sugar glass bottles over their heads,” he said.

“I was standing in between the royals and I said to Princess Diana, ‘You should smash one over your husband’s head," he added.

“‘Oh I’d love to,’ she said. Thomas Wheatley and I were standing behind them and the photo was published the world over,” he said.

As per Wheatley, while the moment may have been light-hearted, he sensed a grudge being exercised by the People’s Princess against Charles.

He told the authors later: “Looking back on it she probably did it with considerable enthusiasm.”