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Thursday Apr 08 2021
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Spider-Man: No Way Home teases the "tallest" Avenger

Web Desk

Sony Pictures has teased that a new and gigantic “Avenger” will hold Captain America’s shield.

The Twitter account created for the Spider-Man: No Way Home posted a new behind-the-scenes photo from the set of Marvel.

In the photo, a Queens bus stop is seen with an ad for New York City's "Newest (And Tallest) Avengers." It is the Statue of Liberty wielding Captain America’s shield, not the torch.

The advertisement shows “Newest Avenger” written alongside the picture of the Statue of Liberty. And, the hashtag #NYLibertyAvenger can be seen written at the bottom.

"A new picture from the set of #SpiderManNoWayHome features a prop combining the Statue of Liberty with Captain America's shield! (via: @blockbustedpod.) Murphy's Multiverse is also reporting the prop will be featured in the backdrop of "a key scene," said the tweet.

"A key scene" may refer to the bus stop itself. The MCU fans may see a shield-wielding Statue of Liberty in the new Marvel movie.