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Sunday Apr 11 2021
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Netflix has another show to become top programme of 2021 after Bridgerton

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It is thanks to the COVID-19 lockdown that impacted many things including the Netflix programmes’ rating. The period drama Bridgerton has helmed the Netflix rating for nearly the entire 2021. However, the Shonda Rhimes programme has been de-seated by a new one.

Bridgerton spent 19 days in the number one spot on the daily Top 10 charts. The period drama is the only show in Netflix history that has four different non-consecutive streaks in the first place. With 438 points accrued so far this year, Bridgerton has become the most popular show on Netflix in 2021.

The new topper programme that replaced Bridgerton by taking over the top spot on the yearly charts is the familiar children’s program - CoComelon.

CoComelon sneaked into the first-place spot past week with 465 points amassed so far in 2021 alone.

Though Bridgerton is undoubtedly a huge hit with bigger viewership, CoComelon’s number one spot proves longevity is just as important on Netflix.

The current Top 10 for 2021:

  1. CoComelon - 465 points
  2. Bridgerton - 438 points
  3. Ginny & Georgia - 354 points
  4. iCarly - 351 points
  5. Firefly Lane - 238 points
  6. Behind Her Eyes - 199 points
  7. Jenni Rivera: Mariposa de Barrio - 195 points
  8. Good Girls - 181 points
  9. Henry Danger - 162 points
  10. Cobra Kai - 157 points