Sunday Apr 11 2021
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William, Harry to end feud for the sake of Prince Philip ahead of his funeral

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Prince William and Prince Harry's fallout has been going on since last year. However, it seems the two will now have to put let bygones be bygones.

According to reports, the Duke of Cambridge and the Duke of Sussex will be putting aside their differences and coming together in grief after the death of their grandfather Prince Philip.

As Prince Harry is all set to fly back to the UK to attend the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral on April 17, a royal source told The Mirror that he will be walking alongside his elder brother for the ceremony.

“It’s strained, there is a lot of hurt, arguably on both sides, and those sides don’t see eye to eye with each other right now,” the source said.

“The issues will not be resolved quickly, certainly not over the immediate period, but perhaps in certain quarters there is faith there can be a cooling off, which would lead to conversation, then perhaps a reconciliation,” the source said.

“Both are fully aware of their shared history and will no doubt remember what impact their grandfather had on their life growing up,” they continued.

"There is hope under an occasion such as this, where the brothers are united in grief, that a corner may be turned,” they added.

Sources also added that Philip had urged Harry and William “to put to rest their differences, and not only remember their bond but also be mindful of their duty to the Queen and the country."