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Tuesday Apr 13 2021
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How Prince William plans to make peace with Prince Harry

Web Desk

Prince Harry and Prince William's relationship seems to finally be coming to an end after the death of their grandfather Prince Philip.

According to a royal expert, the Duke of Cambridge has offered an olive branch to his younger brother ahead of the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral on April 17.

Richard Fitzwilliams said that William will show support for his brother by ditching the military uniform which Harry can no longer wear given he was stripped of his honorary titles after he departed from the royal family.

The commentator told The Sun: "This is obviously very sensitive. Anything that distinguished the brothers in that way, which would be so obvious for anyone watching, would probably be avoided.”

"The whole thing we do not want is any form of rift. I'd suggest it would be handled in such a way as it goes totally smoothly without a hitch, and there are no issues,” he shared.

"My opinion is that they would do everything possible to make sure that the spotlight on this very, very important day is where it should be, and that's on truly remarkable achievements of someone with superhuman energy who did so much for Queen and country,” he added.