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Tuesday Apr 13 2021
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Prince Philip, Meghan Markle treated as outcasts by royal family

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Prince Philip said he felt 'patronized' when he married Queen Elizabeth, just like Meghan Markle said she did

Prince Philip and Meghan Markle's circumtances were similar to that of each other in more ways than one. The Duke of Edinburgh, just like Meghan, was an outsider when he married into the royal family.

Both of them felt disrespected and belittled by palace officials when they married their royal spouses. The Prince said he was treated as an “outsider” and that he felt “patronized” when he married Queen Elizabeth.

According to royal biographer Ingrid Seward in her book, “Life at court was very frustrating for him at first. It was very stuffy,” said Lord Brabourne, a relative of Philip.

Not just this, palace courtiers dislike Philip from the start, even though he was related to the Queen.

“Tommy Lascelles (private secretary to the King) was impossible. They were bloody to him. They patronized him. They treated him as an outsider. It wasn’t much fun,” Seward noted.

“He laughed it off, of course, but it must have hurt. I’m not sure Princess Elizabeth noticed it. She probably didn’t see it.”

Just like Philip, Meghan also felt she was treated like an outsider who was not welcomed at all.

Royal expert Camilla Tominey revealed the Duchess was hated by palace staff from day one because of her different background, “I’ve put it down to a clash of cultures, in the sense that she had come from a celebrity world, which is very fast-paced and quite demanding. The royal world is very different – it’s must slower-paced and hugely hierarchical.”