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Thursday Apr 15 2021
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Tyler Joseph, Josh Dun drop behind-the-scene footage of Shy Away video

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It was a treat for music lovers when American singer Tyler Joseph and musician Josh Dun dropped the music video for twenty one pilots' new song "Shy Away" last week. Now, the duo has surprised their fans again with video shoot's behind-the-scenes footage.

Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun members dropped the black and white video on Tuesday, April 13. In the video, the musicians unfolded how their vision for the video turned into reality. They also faced the cameras for a couple of minutes to discuss the process.

In the behind-the-scenes video, the 32-year-old singer and his bandmate of the same age are seen dropping the reveal as to what the hardest part of their job was.

“I think we've said it before, but some people probably feel like our job's pretty easy but it's really hard,” Dun said while Joseph passed the banter saying, “feel bad for us!”

“This is easily the hardest part of what we do I think… physically,” Joseph discussed about shooting music videos. His bandmate agreed as he commented, “We probably end up playing more songs throughout the course of the day during a music video than during a show.”

“But hey, we're rockstars! That's all that really matters,” Dun said smilingly.

The music band teased about the BTS footage on its Instagram account a couple of days ago. 

Watch their BTS footage here: