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Sunday Apr 18 2021
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How Prince Philip had the last laugh during funeral processions

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Royal biographer Gyles Brandreth is of the opinion that Prince Philip "got the last laugh" as his final journey was made in a Land Rover.

Speaking on BBC Breakfast on Sunday, Brandreth spoke of the late Duke of Edinburgh’ s love of Land Rovers but could not drive one following his 2017 accident.

However, his love for the vehicle was honoured as his last journey was made in one.

“It was extraordinary to reflect on a remarkable life. The Duke of Edinburgh, when he was Prince Philip of Greece, he took his first journey 100 years ago. To a Greek Orthodox church to be baptised in an old Mercedes car which had once begun to the German Kaizer, that was 100 years ago," he said, 

"And yesterday he took his last journey to St George’s Chapel in Windsor in a Land Rover hearse of his own design.

“He wrote off his own Land Rover at the time, went back to Sandringham House and ordered himself another one which arrived the next day.

"Then realised that maybe his driving days were over.”

The royal author concluded: "He (The Duke) got the last laugh as he did make his exit on a Land Rover!"