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Monday Apr 19 2021
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Victoria Beckham was set to marry a local electrician before falling in love with David

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Renowned fashion designer Victoria Beckham, who turned 47 on Saturday (April 17), almost married to a burglar alarm fitter Mark Wood and even used his surname on early Spice Girls merch before meeting the football star. 

Victoria and Wood met when she was a 14-year-old schoolgirl and he was working for her parents' electrical company. She was even living with him at her parents' home in Hertfordshire.

Posh, despite not being married, began calling herself Victoria Adams Wood and the name was even used on early Spice Girls merchandise.

A s per reports, he was left heartbroken when she ended their six-year relationship just as the Spice Girls were taking off.

Victoria dished on her previous engagement after finding fame with the Spice Girls.

"It wasn't the right person for me, I wasn't enjoying myself, so that had to end," Victoria told Big Breakfast host Denise Van Outen. 

For Mark, at first he had nothing but nice things to say about his ex, telling The People in 1997, "It was a very special relationship."

"But that part of my life is over," he continued. "It's sad because we were together for a long time. But she's got what she always wanted and I'm proud of her."

Two years after their split, she met Beckham in the Manchester United player's lounge, and 10 months later they announced their own engagement on the steps of a hotel in Cheshire.

Victoria and David Beckham - who reportedly have estimated fortune of £750million, could have never met if Victoria has stuck with her first fiancé.