Monday May 10 2021
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Glenn Close weighs in on getting snubbed despite eight Oscar nominations

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Glenn Close has been nominated eight times at the Oscars but not won even once 

Glenn Close’s distinguished career was honoured with eight Oscar nods, however, sans any wins. 

The three times Emmy winner and recipient of Golden Globe and Tony Awards recently shed light on being snubbed at the Oscars repeatedly. 

“I don’t think I’m a loser," the Fatal Attraction star said.

Glenn has been nominated for Best Actress Award four times, as well as the Best Supporting Actress Award four times. 

The actress par excellense said she was delighted to be a part of the Academy Awards 2021 after a year of remaining housebound, “It was wonderful. I mean, they were very strict.” 

"We were tested up the wazoo as we had to be. But I’ll tell you what I loved about the Oscars ... you got to talk to people whose work you had seen and loved. I got to talk to the wonderful Korean woman who won in my category; got to meet Maria (Bakalova), who was also in my category, the wonderful young actress from Bulgaria," Glenn added. 

Her last work was a Jazz album with musician Ted Nash. Glenn's splendid work also includes Swan Song which she did in Canada with Oscar-winning actor Mahershala Ali. “If it’s half as beautiful as the experience of making it, it’s going to be a fantastic movie for people to see," she revealed.