Princess Diana would ‘never reconcile’ with Prince William: report

Experts believe Princess Diana would never have reconciled with Prince William given his ‘violent’ hobby

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Experts recently stepped forward with claims regarding the true nature of Princess Diana’s feelings towards Prince William’s “violent” hobby.

The claim was brought forward in a claim by royal correspondent Robert Jobson.

In his book William’s Princess, he wrote, “Diana disapproved violently of the ‘manly’ pursuits that Charles encouraged his sons to enjoy.”

“She tried to turn their heads with the excitement of amusement parks and thrill rides but they were devoted to their father, too, and genuinely enjoyed the outdoor activities so favoured by the Windsors.”

“William in particular loved to shoot – something his mother could never reconcile with her image of her sensitive son. Much to Diana’s disgust he bagged his first rabbit at the age of 11.”