Wednesday Jun 02 2021
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Emma Stone shoots down claims that she broke shoulder in Spice Girls concert

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Emma Stone laid bare the truth about her supposedly breaking her shoulder during a Spice Girls concert in 2019.

In an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the actress shared how she in fact did break her shoulder but before she went to the concert.

"I broke my shoulder in June of 2019, and we were supposed to start filming Cruella like August, or maybe even July, of 2019," Emma recalled.

"And I broke my shoulder in two places. But for some reason, the story became that I broke my shoulder at the Spice Girls concert—that I was on somebody's shoulders and fell and broke my own shoulder. And it's not true!"

"I wasn't on anybody's shoulders! I'd already broken my shoulder," the La La Land star continued. 

"I couldn't get on anyone else's."

She explained that she was unaware about the extent of her shoulder injury despite going to the hospital before the concert and ended up realising after she enjoyed the concert.

"I was supposed to go to the Spice Girls concert in London, and I did go, but the night before, someone had a little house party nearby," she shared. "And this was 2019, pre-COVID, so people could all be together and mingle."

"And it was a waxed floor in this house, and I slipped, and my arm went back behind me, and I broke my shoulder. And then I went to the Spice Girls concert the next day, wore one of those little cuffs."