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Thursday Jun 10 2021
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Selena Gomez hilariously fails to impress with basketball skills

Web Desk

While Selena Gomez's career ranges from music to television it is certain that a career with the NBA is not on the horizon any time soon.

This was revealed when the Same Old Love hit-maker was challenged by her friends if she could do a three-pointer to which she claimed that she could.

All of this unfolded on her Instagram Story where she could be seen attempting to make a her shot.

"So, my friends asked me if I could do a three-pointer and I said ‘yes,''' the 28-year-old star confessed as she broke out in a laugh. 

One friend then said, "So, here we are."

Before she could attempt the shot the singer shared a pre-game injury, ironically sharing how it could hinder with the possibility of her making a successful shot.

"Update—I recently had an injury in the kitchen," the actress shared in her Instagram Story video while comically showing off a Band-Aid on one of her fingers. 

"And I may not be able to perform well, so you know."

After a bit of back and forth with her friends the singer finally made the shot and missed.

The We Don't Talk Anymore artist jokingly captioned the video "So... I can't."